Sunset League Finals Results

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Congratulations, Edison Charger Wrestlers!
(information from Coach Rollins:)

Varsity Results:
Team Scores
2nd -Edison 182.5pts.

Individual placers & CIF Qualfiers
1st-140 lbs.-Erick Zumwalt (Senior)

1st-145 lbs.-Brenton Visnoski (Senior)
1st-152 lbs.-Cameron Bustos (Senior)
1st-215 lbs.-Charles Burks (Senior)
2nd-125 lbs.-Andrew Barber (Senior)
2nd-130 lbs.-Jordan Lyle (Junior)
2nd-160 lbs.-Greg Meline (Junior)
3rd-103 lbs.-Jimmy McLaughlin (Freshman)
3rd-112 lbs.-Joey Bush (Freshman)
3rd-171 lbs.-Josh Peth (Senior)
3rd-189 lbs.-Casey Wilson(Senior)
3rd-285 lbs.-Peter Irving (Junior)
#CIF Qualifiers-Edison=12,
Qualified for CIF Inlands at Roosevelt High School in Corona, CA.

JV Results:
1st Place as a Team with 225 pts.
1st-130 lbs.-Isaac Galvan(Sophomore)

1st-135 lbs.-Justin Lyle(Sophomore)
1st-145 lbs.-Jacob Hauser(Junior)
1st-152 lbs.-Josh Marks(Freshman)
1st-171 lbs.-Clayton Mase(Senior)
1st-189 lbs.-DJ Beynon(Senior)
2nd-125 lbs.-Anthony Velazquez(Sophomore)
2nd-140 lbs.-Phi Tran(Sophomore)
2nd-160 lbs.-Garrett Emery(Junior)
2nd-285 lbs.-Lawrence Schuster(Junior)
3rd-140 lbs.-Sal Galvan(Senior)
3rd-152 lbs.-Jonathan Fraser(Sophomore)

Freshman Results:
2nd Place as a Team with 153 pts.
1st-95 lbs.-Peter Cuccinoti
1st-125 lbs.-Allen Vogelsang
1st-152 lbs.-Hunter Schultz
1st-285 lbs.-Gmac Schuster
2nd-125 lbs.-Matt Arnold
2nd-130 lbs.-Jake Marino
3rd-103 lbs.-Joey Moore
3rd-140 lbs.-Bryan Enciso
3rd-189 lbs.-Adam Bernacci